59 things I wish I knew at eighteen

DISCLAIMER: I was not a Christian at eighteen. I was not chasing after a Godly lifestyle. This reflects who I was before coming to Christ. 

  1. How crucial it is to invest in people, not shoes.
  2. The best people in your life are the one’s who don’t even blink when you show up to dinner in running shorts.
  3. Boy’s are just boy’s, they come and go. Stop worrying about what they think.
  4. Life is not a competition.
  5. The fashion industry is manipulative. Character is not based off of how well you dress or the shoes you wear.
  6. Spend time bettering yourself, not your wardrobe. Clothes will fade.
  7. Forgiveness isn’t for them, it’s for you.
  8. Great friendships take time, but they’re so worth it. Don’t lose heart when it starts getting harder. Make time with them a priority.
  9.  Your boss is not your friend. She doesn’t want to hear about your “epic” tequila shot the night before.
  10. Stop trying so hard. If you have to impress someone before they give you a chance, it’s not worth it.
  11. When you can’t taste the liquor, that doesn’t mean you can drink it faster.
  12. Your dad knows what he is talking about when he says, “life happens”. Stop ignoring him.
  13. Don’t expect the world to show you what true love looks like. Only Jesus can do that.
  14. Stop trying to fit in.
  15. Stop fretting about your future. You have no idea what’s coming.
  16. Put your phone down and look up when you’re checking out. Call cashiers by their names. They see hundreds of people on a daily basis, but people rarely see them.
  17. Don’t be passive. When you’re hurt, voice it.
  18. Getting drunk at parties and clubs and posting pictures of it on Facebook isn’t cute.
  19. Stop wearing your shorts shorter, and your dresses tighter. You look cheap and desperate.
  20. You will gain weight. It’s okay.
  21. When a guy wants you to do something you’re not ready for, don’t be afraid to say no. You’ll never regret saying no.
  22. Realize that your mom is the best woman in your life. She get’s you through so much, including pathetic phone calls at 1:00am after drinking too much wine.  She loves you more than you will ever understand.
  23. Giving yourself to someone will never oblige them to stay.
  24. Ask for help when you need it. Never think you’re in this life alone.
  25. Life will bring you down. Don’t let it keep you there.
  26. Stop playing the victim card.
  27. When a guy doesn’t text back, it’s not because he’s busy or it didn’t go through. He’s not interested.
  28. When a friend lies to you, forgive her. Grudges are never productive.
  29. Never dumb yourself down for a guy. The one’s who like the dumb girls NEVER have good intentions.
  30. Wear more clothes when you go running.
  31. Wear more clothes when you go to class.
  32. Wear more clothes when you go out.
  33. Just.. wear more clothes please.
  34. Shorts that cover your entire butt would be a nice gesture.
  35. Beer pong victories are not real achievements.
  36. A job is never worth being miserable. If you hate it, find another one. Or adjust your attitude. Because in most cases, it’s not the job that sucks. It’s you.
  37. Appearances don’t make a person. Never think less of someone just because of the way they look.
  38. A fake I.D. has never made anyone an honorable citizen.
  39. When the club you just walked into smells like an armpit smothered in cigarette smoke, get out.
  40. 6th Street is overrated. Trust me. People barf on the street and pee behind cars.
  41. Never pose with strange men for a funny picture. No matter what. They are not afraid to grope you.
  42. Hold onto your innocence. Tightly.
  43. When a guy says he doesn’t want to put a “title” on the relationship, leave him.
  44. When a guy say’s he just want’s to “hangout”, don’t go.
  45. Your body is not a souvenir. Stop showing it off.
  46. Stop comparing yourself to girls you don’t know.
  47. Stop comparing yourself to girls you do know.
  48. Don’t base your self worth off of other’s opinions of you.
  49. Boys will hurt you. Forgive them, and move on.
  50. A kiss is never just a kiss.
  51. Don’t believe anyone that tells you your high school friends aren’t worth keeping up with. They are. At all times.
  52. Stop watching porn to be more like those girls. It’s not real.
  53. Buying a dress to make yourself feel better is never the answer.
  54. Never chase a guy. Ever.
  55. Contrary to what you’ve heard, there are still people on earth that wait until marriage to have sex.
  56. You are not above flipping burgers.
  57. Embrace where you are in life, write everything down. Enjoy who you are, because you’ll change countless times.
  58. Even in your darkest moments, remember you are worth more than how you feel.
  59. The world is lying to you.God is real.


Catie Warrick


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