Why I choose the scenic route


I’m the type of girl that, in most cases, would rather take the long way. For fun. One of my favorite ways to spend time with.. you know, me, would be to get in my car and just drive. I’ll have Pandora on, and just feel whatever’s on my heart that day. I like to sit and dig deep, dive into my thoughts and dive into my desires. I anticipate getting to where I’m going, but I’m extremely passionate about the process. I’m more enchanted by the drive and the view along the way than the actual point of arrival. And I think that’s okay. Don’t you?

Life is a lot like that, and so are relationships. I like slow, calm, and genuine. I think something magical happens when you really wait for where God’s leading you. In my car, instead of becoming anxious and bickering about some light taking so long, I sit and enjoy the time that I get to sit still, the time that I get to just enjoy the journey. It’s alot like life. If you’re worrying and waiting for a new chapter to speed forth, you’ll miss all the magic, the growth, the intimacy with your loving Father and what He’s trying to show you. You’ll miss the point of what it means to wait, to enjoy the drive for all that it includes and know that wherever  and whenever you arrive, you’ll get there just in time. In His timing, not yours.

And I know this is cliche, but just love me anyway.

To me, it’s not about getting there. It’s not about making it. It’s not about reaching a goal. You’ll get caught up in a performance based life and all that comes with measuring the achievements rather than appreciating the value of what was put into them.  There’s way more to it.

Be still. Be patient. Be faithful.

Know that He is in control, and enjoy the ride. Enjoy the waiting and enjoy the process. It’s sort of the best part. I mean hey, you just might learn something about yourself.

And Him. Because that’s where the major transformations happen.


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