An open letter to all the girls who wish they had a “story”

“I wish I had a story like that. I feel like mine is so boring.”

“I wish my testimony was more powerful.”

“I really didn’t go through anything before being saved, but I wish I had.”

“You have such an amazing story, puts mine to shame!”

“I was saved when I was little, so my testimony is just cookie cutter.”

“I’d probably be asked to share my testimony more if it were more exciting.”

I could go on and on. I hear these things and my stomach pains go to an all time high. My heart sometimes stops and I have to hold my tongue because of the frustration that wells up in me. Saying something like this is like telling God to rewrite the book because it’s not a bestseller. Your testimony is somehow not impactful enough because before Christ you weren’t incredibly lost and wandering aimlessly through life, like you need some huge backstory to be heard and appreciated.

Wishing you had a “good story” because yours is too boring is like saying you wish your parents were divorced or you wish you’d gone through a heartbreak before because you just want more experiences in your life.

It’s blasphemy is what it is.The only time it might make sense to say something like this is if you wish you had greater gratitude for who Christ is, and you feel it would take a traumatic experience to make you see that.

But even then, I still don’t get it.

“Atleast you got to experience your crazy party days and have sex before you became a Christian and had to let all that go.”

Atleast I got to experience that? Wait.. like that’s some sort of blessing? Oh yea, I’m so lucky..

Trust me, getting wasted on 6th street and then going home with a man who doesn’t even know your name isn’t what you want. Walking into bars that reek of cigarette smoke and awful B/O (or in most cases, marijuana) and partying with people you think are your best friends but hey, the second you get saved, they’re all the sudden busier, is not what you want. Falling in love with a man that seems to have changed his mind after you’ve given him everything.. is not what you want. Chasing after selfish dreams and getting nowhere fast is not what you want.

Hitting rock bottom, feeling worthless, unloved, unidentifiable, brokenhearted.. that’s not what you want.

Trust me.

Let me share a story with you that trumps all stories, and it’s a story you all have to tell.

It’s about a God who laid himself down for you, humbled himself to die on a cross for your sins so that you could be free from shame and condemnation. He rose three days later so that you could have an eternal relationship with Him, and if you believe in Him, you will have everlasting life in heaven with Him.

He loved you enough to die on a cross, to be tortured and beaten and chastised because you need Him.

To you, who wish you had a more interesting testimony-

You were saved from going through the pain, the hurt, the heartache.. and having no one to run to.. you were saved from drinking yourselves into an abyss every other weekend. You were saved from having to tell your future husband that he. isn’t. the. only. one. who’s ever had you. You were saved from falling hard, from the loneliness that darkness brings, and you were saved from being lost for too long. You have gotten to know Jesus much longer because He saved you at such a young age. How amazing is that? If only you knew how I’ve dreamed of having that honor.

I was saved a little over two years ago, and I can’t even imagine what life would be like if I’d fell in love with Jesus when you did. My life would be totally different, but that’s not what God had for me. My story is not better than yours and yours is not better than mine, because it’s not about us. It’s about the saving grace and merciful love that took us in and gave us a story to tell.

It’s about knowing that unsurpassable peace, being cherished beyond comprehension, forgiven and loved, forever a daughter of the one true God, belonging to the king of the universe and never having to live another day on this earth without a purpose.

That’s what our story is about. No matter the backstory or the amount of pain you endured before hand, your story isn’t about you. It’s about Him.

So next time you feel inadequate because you don’t feel your story is impactful, tell Satan he’s a liar, because your story is big.

Your story is the gospel, and that’s life changing.


Catie Warrick


2 thoughts on “An open letter to all the girls who wish they had a “story”

  1. The greatest testimony ever stated was in John 9:25. A man formerly blind is being questioned by the Pharisees and says of Jesus, “Sinner or not, I do not know. All I know is that once I was blind but now I see.” Our testimony is our witness of how God has worked in our lives. It goes beyond salvation. And it’s always about God. Has God comforted you through some pain? Tell the story. Has God provided for you in any way? Tell the story. Does God love you? Tell the story. It’s not where we were, but what God has done. We were all blind, but now we see. Tell that story.


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