Be still my heart

Catie_&_Ryan-6478-L Catie_&_Ryan-6322-L Catie_&_Ryan-6362-L Catie_&_Ryan-6300-XLCatie_&_Ryan-6315-XL Catie_&_Ryan-6238-XL Catie_&_Ryan-6261-XL Catie_&_Ryan-6480-L Catie_&_Ryan-6222-XL Catie_&_Ryan-6448-XL Catie_&_Ryan-6288-L Catie_&_Ryan-6419-XL Catie_&_Ryan-6250-L Catie_&_Ryan-6447-XL Catie_&_Ryan-6258-XL Catie_&_Ryan-6226-L Catie_&_Ryan-6310-XL Catie_&_Ryan-6474-XL Catie_&_Ryan-6440-L Catie_&_Ryan-6274-XL Catie_&_Ryan-6292-L Catie_&_Ryan-6437-XL Catie_&_Ryan-6464-L Catie_&_Ryan-6443-XL Catie_&_Ryan-6331-XL Catie_&_Ryan-6265-L Catie_&_Ryan-6329-XL Catie_&_Ryan-6224-XL Catie_&_Ryan-6396-XL Catie_&_Ryan-6385-XL Catie_&_Ryan-6428-XL Catie_&_Ryan-6255-XL Catie_&_Ryan-6266-L Catie_&_Ryan-6340-XL Catie_&_Ryan-6463-L Catie_&_Ryan-6327-XL Catie_&_Ryan-6282-XL Catie_&_Ryan-6417-XL Catie_&_Ryan-6320-L Catie_&_Ryan-6268-XL Catie_&_Ryan-6444-L Catie_&_Ryan-6296-XL Catie_&_Ryan-6399-L Catie_&_Ryan-6233-XL Catie_&_Ryan-6281-XL Catie_&_Ryan-6301-XL Catie_&_Ryan-6417-2-XL Catie_&_Ryan-6429-L Catie_&_Ryan-6260-XL Catie_&_Ryan-6438-XL Catie_&_Ryan-6361-L Catie_&_Ryan-6502-XL


He’s better than any man I’ve ever prayed for, and resembles God’s grace in ways I’ll never be able to understand or grasp. I don’t deserve him, and I hope I feel this way forever.

One day, I’ll share our story.

Photography: Shelby Blick @

Location: Brushy Creek


3 thoughts on “Be still my heart

  1. I am so happy for you, Ms. Warrick, I knew he would be your husband one day. Please invite me to your wedding.๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’ Your Friend Mrs.Crayton


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