Introducing my Bridal Glam Squad: Natalia Giselle

“Natala was amazing! I told her I wanted a subtle look because I don’t usually wear a lot of makeup and she nailed it! I loved wearing those lashes for the first time too! Natalia took her time with all of us and made us feel special. I would recommend her to everyone!” -Brenda Moses 

“I loved my fake eyelashes!” – Katie Foster

“Natalia and her co artist made all of us feel super comfortable and were really good about doing what we wanted. No ones make up was too much and everyone looked flawless!” -Christine Sas


Natalia and I met in college during our first year and have been friends ever since, even after she left the Fashion Retail world to pursue a career in Cosmetology. I’ve always loved how ambitious she is and how well she values her creative work in beauty. Her clients are important to her which definitely shows through and through while working with her. I was SO thrilled she was free to be a part of this special day. She provided such a carefree and relaxing atmosphere even through the busy-ness of everything else going on.

My favorite part of the entire day, aside from marrying the hottest man to ever walk the earth, was the few hours I got to spend getting ready with all my favorite girls. We seriously made a complete transformation from showing up to the venue without makeup and undone hair, to feeling so incredibly gorgeous. The kind of gorgeous you don’t wanna take off so you buy dry shampoo to make your hair last longer and just sleep in your false eyelashes for the next few days… or was that just me.. I’m not kidding, I felt like a Princess.

Natalia and her co artist, Rachel, had a lot to work with that day and they executed my list of needs like champs. They were both extremely efficient with the time they were given, spent plenty of time with each girl to make sure she was totally satisfied, and plus they were both so fun to work with!

They worked on all 11 of us, with 5 of us having both hair AND makeup done. And they showed no stress AT ALL. It was impressive!


I’m so thankful I had the opportunity to make them feel special, just as they do for me!

“The wedding prep was fun and relaxing. Each bridesmaid had a set time for hair + makeup. Natalia and her partner, Rachel, were fantastic. I was asked to show an inspiration/sample pictures which I only had one for my hair. However, for my makeup I showed her my dress and she did my makeup based off the wedding colors and coordinated with my dress. It was a relaxing and fun experience. She got to know my makeup preferences and I felt like I met a friend. I absolutely loved my hair and makeup. I wish it would have lasted all week!” -Sarah Sturgis 

“Natalia exceeded my expectations when she did my make up for my son’s wedding! Her caring nature was very calming. I felt very comfortable with her and knew she would make me look and feel beautiful. She is a terrific artist!” -Debi Sas 

“Natalia seemed to really know what she was doing, and was super sweet. I should’ve asked where she got that primer she used on me, my makeup was perfect all night long!” -Ashley Phillips

Katie Johnson, my (rockstar) photographer, got some awesome shots of my transformation!


Natalia did my entire look. All I said to her was this- “I want something sassy, yet elegant at the same time. Something fun and not too put together.” Sent her a few photos of things I liked, but she ended up blending everything I sent and came up with something better! If you hire her for your special day, she will go above and beyond to make sure you are completely breathtaking. 


+1 (956) 212-4712 &


Catie Sas


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