The weekend we’ve been waiting for

Fun fact: The weekend after we were deemed debt free, I got two speeding tickets. On the same day. In the same hour. 


Fredericksburg was perfect. We have literally been dreaming about this weekend long celebration for months. MONTHS. We were able to breathe, and sink into this new chapter. With wine, pretty views, and clothing that didn’t look like sweat pants. I also curled my hair like a nice wife who tries to care about her looks. I don’t think I could’ve anticipated a more relaxing experience, seriously. (Except for the time a wasp flew up my dress and stung me like a freaking demon bug) 

When I say this is what we needed, I truly mean we needed this weekend. 

We stayed at the most charming bed and breakfast, Corner Cottage in their Blue Moon Hideaway suite, and it was in the heart of downtown. The breakfast was drool worthy, no lie. It’s also so nice having your food cooked and brought to you on a plate. Eating out at restaurants is the coolest. 

But here are a few pictures (well, a lot actually) of us being happy and relaxed in a super cute town celebrating a super awesome occasion. #studentloanscansuckit 
We walked around like adorable little tourists holding hands and laughing til our stomachs hurt because we were finally able to fall into the stress free “no more debt until we have a mortgage” pool. Here’s to us and fun things!


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