I’ve got something fun to tell you

I have a fun little surprise. I’m diving into something new, stepping into a hobby I’ve had a passion for over the past several years. It’s something I’m a little nervous about, but also SO excited about. So here we go.

I’m now doing PHOTOGRAPHY!
Photography has always been something I’ve enjoyed, but I’ve never actually thought about making it more than just a hobby or really just an interest. I indulge in it through my my phone, but heck, I’ve never even owned a real camera! You know, those super fancy ones real photographers have? Until Deb, my awesome MIL said I could borrow hers. So that’s when everything changed. Once I got my hands on that thing my heart started to race and my mind was going crazy with all the things I could do with it! SO then I was able to test it out and play around at a sweet friends wedding and be her very unofficial “pre wedding time” photographer (which was so cool) and make sure this was something I wanted to actually pursue.

And it is!

Even though this is just a sweet little side gig, it’s still so exciting and I can’t wait to see what God does with it. He’s started something new in my life that sort of freaks me out, but also puts like a thousand butterflies in my stomach on the daily. 

The few sessions I’ve had recently have been SO MUCH FUN (seriously, so much fun) and it makes me wonder why I hadn’t started this earlier! Speaking of work, I wanted to show you a few things I’ve done so far… is that okay?!


God has been so kind in giving me the opportunities He has already, and so my prayer is that He brings me even more! 

So if you need a photographer and you’re not afraid to hire a very excited and eager newbie, holla atcha girl. 



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